It seems I survived my trial run for the big holiday.  Thanksgiving has come and gone, so I thought I would report in and let you know how I did during the mini-break.

Out of five days, I was down with the Jabberwocky (my headaches) for two.  Fortunately the two days were at the beginning of the holiday, so I was able to relax and rest up before having to head back to work.  I’m not sure about the trigger this time, but since it came at the beginning of the holiday, before I’d thrown my normal routine out the window, I’m guessing it had something to do with the stress leading up to the break.  I was trying very hard to finish up projects at work, so I’d be able to take a complete break from my job.  That means the last two days were pretty intense.  The good news is that I was able to shake the pain before the end of the day on Thursday, and it didn’t come back! Yippee!

While my eating habits were completely forgotten during the vacation, I did try to stay relatively close to my normal sleeping patterns. I watched the clock and made sure I didn’t stay up more than an hour past my normal workday bedtime, and in the morning I got up about two hours later than normal. I know, it isn’t perfect, but it is better than what I normally do when I’m on vacation – staying up two or three hours later than normal and then sleeping four to five hours later in the morning.  There was some pouting on the part of some family members who wanted me to stay up and play a bit longer, but all in all, I found that the rest of the family supported me.


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