A little joy…

I used to play the viola.

Used to.

You see, one day I was told that if I wanted to rid myself of the jabberwocky, I would have to do away with my viola playing.  It shouldn’t have been a big deal. I’d only started playing as an adult, and I wasn’t even really all that good at it. Nonetheless, playing the viola gave me a joy that few other things gave me, and when I had to stop playing I felt like I had once again suffered a great loss at the hands of the beast.

I tried the guitar, but soon I found that it too was problematic. (sigh)

I was ready to add “making music” to the list of things that the Jabberwocky had taken from me when I decided to try one last thing. The piano.

Fortunately, being the wife of a musician, I already had a piano in the house, so it was just a matter of setting aside some time, sitting down, and getting down to the business of learning this new instrument, and guess what?! Well, it is too soon to declare victory, but I have managed a week of piano playing without any problems that I can clearly relate to playing!

Mind you, I have to keep it short and take constant breaks, but… but… is that music I hear?


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