This is probably one of the most beautifully hopeful posts I have seen from someone who is sharing their post surgery experiences. Since having my surgery, I have wondered at the number of people posting photos of their scars – proudly, almost defiantly – on the Spinal Cord Tumor Association Facebook page. I have evenContinue reading “scar(r)ed.”

Tumors, Tears, and Twix

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I hate giving bad news. Having had training on grief counseling both in military and civilian settings, I am not a stranger to delivering bad news in my life. However, when the not-so-awesome news is about myself, I am really crappy at telling and retelling the…

50/50 – Science Behind the Movie

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50/50 is a comedy drama about a 27 year old Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his rare diagnosis of Schwannoma neurofibrosarcoma, he is told his prognosis is a 50% chance of survival. The film has a 7.7 rating on IMDb and was actually based on true events of Will Reiser, the…