50/50 – Science Behind the Movie

As you know, since being diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor, I have been trying to gather resources to help others who are dealing with a similar diagnosis. Someone recommended that I watch the movie 50/50, and after completing my own review of the movie 50/50, I found this review that looks at the science behind the movie. I thought it was interesting. So, here is the low down on the science behind the movie.

Cancer on Screen


50/50 is a comedy drama about a 27 year old Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his rare diagnosis of Schwannoma neurofibrosarcoma, he is told his prognosis is a 50% chance of survival.

The film has a 7.7 rating on IMDb and was actually based on true events of Will Reiser, the screen writer for the movie who developed cancer in his early twenties. The film addresses  the struggles of having cancer at a young age, the content is lighthearted and humorous in places but also a real tear jerker. Anyone who loves Seth Rogan will love this film!! He plays Adam’s funny best mate.

So lets look, what is Adam’s rare cancer? What is is Schwannoma neurofibrosarcoma? The film does not explain. they simply refer to his cancer as back cancer and make jokes about the funny long name….

To understand a little more about Adam’s cancer we need to know…

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