So, we want to get better, right? Who doesn’t! Well, Jane McGonigal thinks she can help us. Check out her TEDTalk and let me know what you think.




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So today is one of those days when I’m tempted to log into facebook and proclaim to the world that I have a headache.  I don’t know why people feel that they need to alert all of their facebook friends when they have a headache! You don’t see people posting about other physical ailments! But I often see people posting about headaches.  I wonder why that is?

Well, since I do have a headache today, I’ll have to wait and ponder that one another day.  For now I just thought I would say that I have decided that part of my new attempt to not let the pain define me, is my decision to stop posting about my headaches on facebook.  I will write about them here, and the people who are interested in knowing how I’m doing in my battle against them can come here to see how I’m doing, but the world at large, well, I’ll let them off the hook.

Right now, how I am doing is not so great.  I knew it was coming.  All day yesterday I was having visual auras. I took my meds and hoped that I would be able to skirt past the beast, but when I woke this morning with a drooping eye, I knew my efforts had been in vain.

What now? Well, I will retreat from the world and hope that I can find relief. Oh, and I need to remember to log my headache in so I have info to give my doctor.  I’m using an app that I found:


Do you have any other apps or tools that you use to track your headaches?