Darkest Moment

If you have been following my journey for very long, you know that I like to post the stories of other spinal tumor warriors. Last month, I was shocked and saddened to hear that Michael J. Fox has joined our ranks. He has written a book, No Time Like the Future, about his experience. YouContinue reading “Darkest Moment”

Book Review – Walk it Off

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog announcing Ruth Marshall’s book, Walk it Off, and at the time I promised to come back with a review of the book. I finished the book in about 48 hours despite the fact that I was suffering from a spinal fluid leak that kept my reading timeContinue reading “Book Review – Walk it Off”

Walk it off…

Being diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor opened me up to an entire world I didn’t know existed before. It probably has a lot to do with google’s algorithms, but suddenly it seems like I am constantly stumbling upon more information about people who have been through surgery to get rid of a spinal cordContinue reading “Walk it off…”


Today I want to share a resource with others out there who are also on this journey: Rewired, a book by Dawn Standera. On Amazon, the book is described as follows: Adults with spinal cord tumors are exceedingly rare, and written accounts of what it’s like to survive tumor-removal surgery are even more rare. ThroughContinue reading “Rewired”