“A Journey to Hell and Back” Suze Orman

I like to share survivor stories here. I think they help us remember how far we have come and what might be possible. So today I am brining you one more survivor in a growing list of celebrity survivors. You may recognize Suze Orman, the American financial advisor, author, and podcast host. In 1987, sheContinue reading ““A Journey to Hell and Back” Suze Orman”

30 months out…

This was my Facebook post back in June. Thought I would share for anyone who has been following my recovery. _______________________________________________ Yesterday marked 30 months (2.5 years) since my surgery. Since a number of people have been asking how I am doing, I thought it was time for another recovery update. Positives: The surgeon wasContinue reading “30 months out…”

Book Review: REWIRED

Established in 2006, the CERN Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those affected with ependymoma (a specific type of spinal cord tumor). On their site, they share survivor’s stories. One of the survivors featured on their site is Dawn Standera, the author of REWIRED: A Story of Recovery from SpinalContinue reading “Book Review: REWIRED”

For that we have each other…

The first time I heard Andra Day’s song, Rise Up, I immediately thought of it as a survivor’s anthem. I heard the refrain, and I thought about my daily struggles, and the effort I make to rise up and face each challenge. Then I saw the video, and I realized that I was so caught upContinue reading “For that we have each other…”

A Box of Sunshine

It can be hard to know what to do when a friend is going through a difficult recovery. Many of my friends sent flowers, and those were appreciated. But then one rainy winter afternoon the doorbell rang, and when I opened the door, I saw a box. It had been sent by a friend fromContinue reading “A Box of Sunshine”

Your scars are beautiful…

I have a confession to make. I am a bit of a royal watcher. If you, like me, love a good royal wedding, then I am sure you already saw stories about Princess Eugenie’s stunning wedding gown. You probably also noticed her decision to show off her scar. If not, you can get caught up atContinue reading “Your scars are beautiful…”

Aaron’s Story

When I was first diagnosed, I remember being bombarded with information about what could go wrong. I didn’t see many examples of how this could “go right”. Then one day I stumbled upon this video. It helped me to have hope as I faced the surgery. I hope it can also help other people whoContinue reading “Aaron’s Story”

WHO Classifications

  I have noticed a lot of chatter on the SCTA Facebook page related to diagnoses and WHO classifications of tumors. I know that this is an important issue for those of us who have been given a SCT diagnosis, so I started looking for resources related to this topic. One of the best resourcesContinue reading “WHO Classifications”

Retrospective – Initial Phase of Recovery

I thought this would be a good time to reflect on my recovery and to remind myself how far I have come in a relatively short period of time. These are posts from my CaringBridge site. I set it up prior to my surgery to help me communicate with my friends/family. Hope this is ofContinue reading “Retrospective – Initial Phase of Recovery”

Explain Pain Author on YouTube

In my last post I wrote about a book that my physical therapist asked me to read. Since then, I have been trying to find out more about the authors and their approach to pain. I found this video to be both informative and entertaining. If you have a few minutes to spare, you mightContinue reading “Explain Pain Author on YouTube”