Saying hello to the holidays…

The holidays are here and that is enough to make a normal person have a headache, so I am trying to make a plan of action to allow me to enjoy the holidays with as little pain as possible. That is going to take some discipline on my part and some understanding on the part of the people around me.

First, I’ve noticed that varying my sleeping and eating habits can bring on a headache. This can be a big problem during the holidays because the normal routine flies out the window.  I suddenly find myself staying up later, waking up later, eating at odd times, and even what I am eating changes.  Sure, I can forgo the late night game of scrabble, but will I be able to fall asleep while the rest of the family is playing in the next room? And how do I explain that I am not just being difficult when I insist on eating a small lunch at 12 when we are planning to have a huge meal at 2? Oh, and then there is the issue of what I’m eating. It is so easy to offend or hurt people’s feelings if you don’t eat what is offered to you.

So, how am I going to deal with this? I plan to spend the next few weeks trying to prepare myself. If you have any suggestions, they are welcome!